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How to enjoy our Germinis for as long as possible.

  • Use a clean (glass) vase and fill it with clean water (2 – 3 cm).
    Note: clean vases with bleach; don't use dishwashing liquid.
  • Cut off the bottom of the stems at an angle.
  • Add a few drops of bleach if there are only gerberas in the vase. Three drops of bleach per liter of water will do.
    If the gerberas are part of a mixed bouquet then add food for cut flowers.
  • Keep in mind when making the bouquet that gerberas keep growing in the vase.
  • Don't put gerberas in a draughty position, close to ripening fruit, in a warm spot or in sunshine. They do not like that.
  • Change the water if necessary and again, cut a small piece off the stems.